Johannesburg, South Africa - Johannesburg startup, The Geek, is rewarding South Africans that have registered their cv's on their 3 month-old job portal -  The Job Center.      Last Week Thursday, The Job Center gave away R150 worth of airtime to one lucky member who was als... [More] - is a job board run by a startup called The Geek (   Like all job boards, recruiters can advertise their job posts to the world and then sit, wait and hope for candidates to apply.  But unlike most job boards, all jobs posted on The Job Center... [More]
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As of two days ago, it was the third time that I had received an alert from Google+ about some random person who had added me into their Circles. Again I ignored this email after verifying that that individual didn't have me in any of their Circles, in fact they didn't even have a profile picture u... [More]